Pets and the Elderly
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Pets and the Elderly

Jun 11, 2024

Buying a pet for an aging parent may seem like a bad idea. Caring for a pet is a big responsibility, made more difficult by an elderly person’s limited mobility and frequent health issues. However, as the author of this Wall Street Journal article learned, these challenges are more than balanced by significant benefits.

Older people often live alone. Those that don’t still frequently find themselves cut off from outside experiences due to mobility and health problems. As a result, loneliness is a constant concern. Adding a pet to their lives gives them a focus — something to care for, to talk to — to provide purpose; pets give their lives a narrative, with tasks and deadlines, laughter and surprises, worries and triumphs.

In short, the potential benefits can far outweigh the issues. If an elderly person you know fits this description, helping them get a pet may be the best kindness you could afford them.

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