At Bill Spalding Wealth Management, we take pride in being faithful, trusted, and dependable to all our clients.

While we work hard to provide value in the investment process, our team is equally focused on always delivering outstanding customer service, making it a priority to build trusted relationships with our clients, so we can better serve their needs.

You can depend on my more than 30 years of experience and expertise to make sure your journey has as few bumps as possible.

I provide dependable results-driven assistance in the following areas: creating and updating your will, creating and delivering a personal financial plan, evaluating your personal life and health insurance, and setting up a charitable giving account that provides immediate tax deductions with every deposit.

My clients’ success is my success.

Award-Winning Management

With an investment in love, everybody wins.

See how a simple donation led to so much more.

What do we believe in?

Being Faithful to my Clients

We faithfully work with each and every client to build a unique portfolio that drives long-term performance

Being Trustworthy

I build mutually trusting relationships with our clients to give them peace of mind when managing their finances

Being Dependable

Objective decisions are made with a conflict-free approach, using multiple investment managers based on merit and performance

No Commission

No commissions on managing your investment assets

Civic Responsibility

We stay faithful to our community through outreach and nonprofit involvement

Clients Come First

We believe in doing what’s right for the client in all aspects of our relationship

What makes ME different?

A focus on a consistent, well-managed portfolio and well-researched investment positions.
An emphasis on the quality of people and a solid, well-designed investment philosophy.
Ongoing monitoring of our managers and the ability to adjust our accounts when necessary.
A customized and tailored approach for portfolios based on each client’s specific goals.

Let’s walk this journey together.