Sometimes You Can Judge a Wine By Its Bottle
Wine Notes

The rosé market’s a bit of an odd bird. More than any other type of wine, rosé marketers use eye-catching, unusual bottle shapes to try and stand out from the crowd. Too often, this is lipstick on a pig, a flashy bottle designed to distract from a so-so wine. But in some cases, the wine more than lives up to its fancy housing. This author discusses six wines that live up to the visual hype.

  1. 2023 Bodegas Los Bermejos, Listán Negro Rosado – $26
  2. 2023 Tesora della Regina Rosato – $14
  3. 2023 Gerard Bertrand Cote des Roses AOP Languedoc – $17
  4. 2023 Puech-Haut Argali Languedoc – $17
  5. 2023 Ultimate Provence Cotes de Provence Rosé – $22
  6. 2023 Château Sainte Roseline AOP Cotes de Provence Lampe de Méduse – $28

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