What You’ll Find at a Botanical Gardens Near You
Travel Journal

If you are looking for local entertainment or an event to share with visiting guests, consider checking out your home-based or travel destination’s local Botanical Gardens. Many of them have large displays set up for the season. For example, the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens has a large collection of giant, wooden trolls that have been built and named for you to visit and enjoy. All of the trolls are designed by an artist who specializes in recycled materials. Starting November 18 through December 31 the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens have an event called ‘Aglow,” which is an extensive display of beautiful Christmas lights for people to walk through and enjoy.

In the Atlanta area, the Gardens currently have a large exhibit of scarecrows and pumpkins to be followed by their annual Christmas lights display, which is very popular every single year.

If you are looking for something fun to do and a bit different, consider visiting one. They are unique, playful, and especially enjoyable to take a guest who may be visiting you for the holidays. Let me know if you visit a garden and send us some pictures to share with the group.

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