Visiting All 50 States
Travel Journal

Clients, Mark and Roseann Bowen, set a goal to travel to and visit all 50 states. What accomplished their goal was a last stop to Deadwood in the Dakotas. Since the show Deadwood was so popular, it was an iconic last stop for them.

I am also attempting to complete this goal, having visited 42 states already. My time in Alaska was exhilarating! I stayed in a grizzly bear sanctuary and slept outside in a small tent, as part of a state lottery system. They allow a limit of only 10 people into the sanctuary each week, during a 10-week period, each summer. I was fortunate to get a spot and had to be dropped off by a hired bush pilot. There was no power, no water, and no food. I had to pack it in with me and make it last for an entire week – all while trying to keep it away from the bears! It was a true adventure in every way!

Are you trying to visit all 50 states?
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