From Symbol to Food Source
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From Symbol to Food Source

Jan 25, 2023

From symbol to food source, the pumpkin is a well-celebrated and decorated squash, especially during the fall.

This firm, orange crop that blooms from a strong vine, has symbolized rebirth, fertility, and harvests for centuries. Legend holds that the tradition of carving pumpkins originated with the Irish, who would carve turnips to celebrate the festival Samhain. In Christianity, the pumpkin is hollowed out to hold a lit candle in memory of the souls of loved ones passed.

Nutritionally, they provide a long list of nutrients to protect, support and regulate the heart and lower blood pressure. The flesh and seeds provide wonderful additions to soups and stews, salads, and as a hearty side-dish, or a main course when stuffed. It is said that pre-Columbian natives grew pumpkins for their flesh. Pumpkins were among the first crops grown in North America for eating, and their thick skins were ideal for growing and storing during cold winter months when food was scarce.

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