Protection Reviews

  • As a client of Bill Spalding Wealth Management, we empower you to shore up your financial defenses by providing you with an in-depth and comprehensive 9-part Protection Review, free of charge. This review is designed to maximize the strength and security of your estate by keeping you protected from any unexpected surprises. Our insurance experts will pore over your current policies and protections in order to search for weaknesses in your foundation. With this information in mind, their final report will outline what kinds of coverage you are lacking and suggest the most efficient methods of patching the holes in your estate.

    9 Protection Items

    • Auto Insurance
    • Home Insurance
    • Liability Insurance (Umbrella)
    • Disability Insurance
    • Medical / Long Term Care Insurance
    • Social Security
    • Wills, Trusts, & Related Documents
    • Ownership Arrangements
    • Life and E+O Insurance

    For our senior clients, we also have a healthcare expert who can teach you about the litany of options you have with Medicaid, Medicare, and their various supplements. You can also learn about the recent changes in policy with the Affordable Care Act and create a strategy to integrate them into your overarching healthcare plan.

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