October 9, 2017

Weekly Market Commentary
October 9, 2017

The Markets

Slow and steady…

It has been 332 days since the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index experienced a one day 5 percent drop, reported Barron’s. If there isn’t a selloff on Monday or Tuesday, this will become the longest rally without such a drop.

By Barron’s calculations, the market has been averaging a gain less than 0.1 percent per day. That’s a very slow rate of increase, relatively speaking so when the press writes how fast and sudden the increase is pacing it’s not what the data says. The longest-ever rally without a 5 percent drop, which began in November 1994, was accompanied by a gain of 0.17 percent per day.

I believe that this pace is one of the reasons investors have remained calm and steady during this phenomenon of the slow-as-molasses bull market.

Last week was punctuated by a senseless shooting. Our hearts and prayers are with the people of Las Vegas. Also our thoughts are with victims of the storms and the current fires in Napa valley.

ZOMBIE TOURISM AND ZOMBIE COMPANIES. Zombies have a special place in the heart of pop culture. The undead are pivotal characters in books, movies, games, and television shows. The practical can read The Zombie Survival Guide. Thrill seekers can binge on The Walking Dead. Romantics have Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Anyone looking for a laugh can watch Shaun of the Dead or Zombieland.

If you’re one of those people who just can’t get enough of roamers, rotters, biters, and crawlers, you’re in for a treat: zombie tourism. National Geographic has identified several travel destinations that are steeped in zombie legend:

1. Haiti. American zombie culture appears to have origins in Haiti, where it was believed death would reunite them with their gods and homelands. The exception was suicide. If people took their own lives, they “would be forced to remain in their bodies, soulless, and continue to roam the land.”

2. Greece. In Greece and elsewhere, folklore historians have found anyone who died of plague or was cursed, murdered, or born on an inauspicious day, could potentially rise from the dead. Some archeology digs have found graves with skeletons weighted by rocks or millstones.

3. Georgia (in Europe). You won’t find any zombies here – and that’s the point. Apparently, Georgia boasts some of the world’s most promising zombie-proof dwellings. The village of Chazhashi, at the confluence of the lnguri and Black Rivers, has more than 200 nearly impenetrable medieval tower houses.

Perhaps National Geographic should add some quarterly earnings calls to its zombie tourism list.

Focus On The Positive

“Resenting someone or disliking someone, ensures that you can never emotionally escape that person. Attempt forgiveness and recapture your peace.”
–Bertrand Russell, British philosopher

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