Weekly Market Commentary

February 6, 2020


The Markets

There is a good chance markets will be volatile in the coming weeks.

Precautions designed to slow the spread of the coronavirus may also slow Chinese economic growth and, by extension, global economic growth.

On Thursday, the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus to be an international health emergency. The U.S. State Department issued a travel advisory for China, and major U.S. airlines suspended flights to the nation, reported Forbes.

In six Chinese provinces, factories and businesses are shuttered until at least February 10. The closures have created issues for global supply chains so this will be an issue to keep tracking.

Events sparked a bond rally as investors shifted assets into safe-haven investments. The Economist wrote that previous viruses have not had lasting effects on economic growth. “Other recent epidemics have reinforced the impression that economists should not be overly worried, so long as good doctors are on the job. Neither avian flu in 2006 nor swine flu in 2009 dimmed the global outlook. Market weakness in these cases recovered in just three months.

I have prepared portfolio adjustments for the practice already and they are ready to be applied if conditions warrant it. If you are concerned and would like a call or a meeting please reach out to the office and we will get it set up. Meanwhile, I will continue to do some modest edits and monitor the data


The Things We Do For Pets. While there is some debate about how many American households include pets – The Washington Post reports estimates from the American Pet Products Association are about 11 percent higher than those of the American Veterinary Medical Association – there is little debate about how much people love their pets.

With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, you may be wondering how to show your pet you care. Here are a few ideas:

  • Doggie playlists and podcasts. Want to make certain your pup doesn’t get lonely (or into too much trouble) when left at home alone? One major media company is making canine playlists and podcasts. Reuters reported the podcasts feature, “…soothing music, ‘dog-directed praise,’ stories, and messages of affirmation and reassurance narrated by actors to alleviate stress…”
  • Video chat or…bark? Wouldn’t it be great to take a break and chat with your pet during lunch hour? One social media user, cited by The Insider, thought so. “I taught my dog to accept calls through my laptop at home while I’m at work. Then, we just talk.”
  • Travel somewhere fun. Millions of people travel with their pets, according to Forbes. One travel magazine publishes a pet-friendly article each month. The LA Travel Magazine archive includes titles like, ‘TopDawg’ Resorts in the U.S. and The Pawfect Guide to Dog Beaches in SoCal.
  • Just don’t supersize it. Please remember human food is often not good for your dog so consider some special pet treats instead.
  • Just love your dog like they love you. They are truly God’s creatures!
  • On Valentine’s Day, remember to do something nice for the people you love, too.


Focus On The Positive

“Pets give us love and teach us how to be loving back” –Bill Spalding