Protection Reviews

  • “Consider the following scenario: Larry [a college student] makes a small, human-size mistake one night. Instead of waiting for the slow drip of six warm beers, he brings a bottle of Maker’s Mark to the party, and—in the spirit of not being a weirdo—he shares it [with another student]…Larry never sees [him] again that night—not many people do; he ends up drinking himself to death in an upstairs bedroom. In the sad fullness of time, the night’s horror is turned into a lawsuit, in which Larry becomes a named defendant…

    “I’ve recovered millions and millions of dollars from homeowners’ policies,” a top fraternal plaintiff’s attorney told me. For that is how many of the claims against boys who violate the strict policies are paid: from their parents’ homeowners’ insurance. As for the exorbitant cost of providing the young man with a legal defense for the civil case…that is money he and his parents are going to have to scramble to come up with, perhaps transforming the family home into an ATM to do it.”

    -Caitlin Flanagan, The Atlantic

  • Every day, millions of Americans are learning that their insurance isn’t as secure as they think. “Black Swan” tragedies, like the one described above, catch families unawares and leave nothing but destruction in their wake. No one is more disturbed by this than us, so we decided to do everything in our power to help our clients avoid these kinds of catastrophes. As a client of Bill Spalding Wealth Management, we empower you to shore up your financial defenses by providing you with an in-depth and comprehensive 9-part Protection Review, free of charge. This review is designed to maximize the strength and security of your estate by keeping the Black Swan from leaving you any unexpected surprises. Our insurance experts will pore over your current policies and protections in order to search for weaknesses in your foundation. With this information in mind, their final report will outline what kinds of coverage you are lacking and suggest the most efficient methods of patching the holes in your estate.

  • Additionally, our legal document team will examine your wills, trusts, and other items important to your estate in order to ensure that your final instructions clearly articulate what you intended. This will help protect your heirs from technicalities, loopholes, estate tax issues, and protracted court battles.

    For our senior clients who are getting up in their golden years, we also have a healthcare expert who can teach you about the litany of options you have with Medicaid, Medicare, and their various supplements. You can also learn about the recent changes in policy with the Affordable Care Act and create a strategy to integrate them into your overarching healthcare plan.

    If you feel like you could benefit from these services, don’t hesitate to give Bill a call at (404) 255-3331 and set yourself up an appointment with our insurance experts. It could be the most important phone call you ever make.